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Safe Password

secure Passwords - for a safe and strong password
Secure Passwords – for a safe and strong password

For a Safe and strong Password

Ideal for…

  • Your personal and work email accounts
  • Banking, financial and savings online services
  • Keeping your social network’s information safe

My name is Johannes Haas. I’m a Digital Expert living in Ellwangen (Germany), and I sell strong, secure passwords. It sounds a little crazy to buy a password. But using a terrible password, such as 12345 or password or your name, is even crazier.

I use a proven methodology to build long, strong, secure passwords using strings of words, numbers and special characters.

One Password for only $ 4,95


We will send Your new, strong and secure password per Email as a graphics file.

  • You will get a new, strong and secure password per Email
  • Customer service via Email
  • 100 % data protection compliant
  • Easy payment with Online Bank Account, Debit or Credit Card or Paypal
  • Make your account safe now!

One Password for only $ 4,95

Two Passwords for only $ 7,95

Three Passwords for only $ 9,95

Strong, secure Passwords

Note: Choosing a secure and memorable password
The easier a password is for the owner to remember generally means it will be easier for an attacker to guess. However, passwords which are difficult to remember may also reduce the security of a system because users might need to write down or electronically store the password, users will need frequent password resets and users are more likely to re-use the same password. Similarly, the more stringent requirements for password strength, e.g. „have a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and digits“ or „change it monthly“, the greater the degree to which users will subvert the system. Others argue longer passwords provide more security than shorter passwords with a wide variety of characters.