Delete Clubhouse Account

Delete Account at Clubhouse

There is currently no built-in function for account deletion in the app. In order to delete your Clubhouse account, you must therefore send an email to support@joinclubhouse.com with the request to delete it. Since the Clubhouse team is based in the USA, the email must be written in English. Due to the current hype, this process can take a while!
In addition, the message must be written with an email address verified by Clubhouse. This is the only way for developers to ensure that the request actually comes from you. To confirm your email, click on the @ sign in the top right corner of your profile and follow the instructions.
Your account will be deactivated after you have requested deletion. During this time you can no longer log in and your profile will not be visible in the app.
After the complete deletion, all your account information will be removed from the app. You will then no longer be able to log in to Clubhouse with your phone number or username for at least 30 days, and you will have to be invited again by a member if you want to regain access to the app.

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